Loquendo TTS: Speech Synthesis

Loquendo TTS: Speech Synthesis

Convert text to natural-sounding speech
The product is discontinued by the developer
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Work with a collection of expressive synthetic speech setups. Select one of the available voices and manage the processed texts to optimize the authenticity of the resulting content. Control the quality, efficiency, and intonation of the created voice clips.

Give your users the best available TTS technology for IVR (banking, government…), live news, accessing business documents, e-learning, entertainment, automotive telematics, email reading and any embedded application - there are no limits!
Loquendo's truly lifelike TTS means there's no need for costly, time-consuming pre-recording, and it enables the rapid deployment of vocal services that customers will love using.
Loquendo's voices are expressive, clear, natural and fluent: they have been enriched with a repertoire of "expressive cues" that allow for highly emotional pronunciation.
Loquendo gives its customers expanded reach in today's global marketplace. Loquendo TTS is a rapidly growing family of expressive voices and personas from around the world.
Loquendo's research and highly efficient methods of development enable the rapid release of new, high-quality voices and languages, as well as customized voices to suit your corporate profile.

Main Features:

- Expressive TTS
Mixed Language Capability: Phonetic Mapping, Language guesser
Dynamic switching between multiple voices
Pronunciation lexicon - for user definable pronunciation (acronyms, foreign names, etc.)
Flexible voice control - for creating special effects, modifying speech rate, pitch and timbre
Voice Flavour - support for different compression and sampling rates
Variable output frequency coding up to 48 kHz

- Audio Mixer
Built-in audio effects, i.e. reverb, stereo balance, graphic equalizer
SMS and E-mail Preprocessing
Customized voices - for extending corporate image and branding through unique voices
Support of the phonetic alphabet X-SAMPA (TeleAtlas® and Navteq™ extensions included) and IPA

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